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Creating a Dry Creekbed

Often, a well-thought design can provide a creative and attractive solution to problem areas. Charissa shares with us one such problem area, where a torrent of water would wash through the landscape after heavy rains.

Winter Landscaping Tips

Gardeners in snowy regions have plenty of reasons to get cold feet about winter: Plants are at rest and their bright colors dissipate, leaving a palette of white and gray. And with nothing to plant, […]

Start at the door Your front door is the main focal point for curb appeal, so make sure it sparkles with welcome. Repaint or refinish the surface, polish hardware and touch up surrounding trim. You […]

Growing Fruit in Containers

Having a small space can still let you grow your own fruits and vegetables using containers. Watch the video below for some tips!

  Recycling in your home is one of the very easiest ways to help out the planet. The landfills will eventually reach capacity, so it is only small changes in individual households that will make […]

Though there are other types of coverings that are simpler and more easily moved from one part of a garden to another, sturdy cold frames maintain higher temperatures as a rule and therefore can be […]

How to Prioritize Renovations and Projects in Your House Whether you live in an 18th century Federal farmhouse or a modern housing community, you have goals to improve your home. Painting, new heating/air conditioning systems, […]

6 Ways to a More Secure Home

No matter who you are security is crucial more so for your home. You cannot have a peace of mind if your home is not secure. The unfortunate thing is that your home is not […]

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