Easy Recycling for Your Home



Recycling in your home is one of the very easiest ways to help out the planet. The landfills will eventually reach capacity, so it is only small changes in individual households that will make a difference. Yeah, actually, you can save the planet…one recycled newspaper or plastic bottle at a time.

Curbside Recycling

In an ideal world, everyone would have curbside recycling so a trip to the curb was all that was necessary to recycle household materials. Those who live in rural areas do not often have such an opportunity. If your town or community offers curbside recycling, take advantage of it! There are many folks across the globe who wish they were able to contribute in such an easy manner.

Find Out How to Recycle

If you live in a more rural (or an extremely urban) area, you may need to do some online research to find out what recycling options are available to you locally. Be prepared to transport your recyclable materials- in order to be earth friendly, take recycling materials during another trip (such as to the grocery store or a nearby shopping center where recycling igloos may be located).

Search Google or another search engine site with the word ‘recycling’ and the name of your community. (If you lived in Smith, Kansas, you could enter ‘recycling near Smith Kansas.’)

Start Recycling!

How do you recycle? One material at a time. Most recycling (with the exception of the rare ‘mixed’ curbside recycling where you can throw it all together) is separated by material. Plastics, glass, newspaper and other types of paper, metal or tin, and cardboard are generally kept separate- if you use recycling igloos, they will be marked with the type of material you can dispose of.

Be Creative With Recycling

Recycling doesn’t just have to be done at home. Your workplace may offer different types of recycling- even if it is paper only, be sure to take advantage of whatever eco-friendly practices are offered in your place of employment. Does your child’s school offer recycling? Encourage children to learn about recycling early! There are even ways to make money recycling- often, recycling centers give cash for tin cans, so kids can learn to save empty soda cans and make money in the process!

Recycling is a key component to helping the environment. It is often featured with the other “RE” words like reduce and reuse- these are two other excellent ways we can create small changes that will make a big difference for Mother Earth.

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