Choosing Home Improvement Goals

How to Prioritize Renovations and Projects in Your House

home improvement projects

Whether you live in an 18th century Federal farmhouse or a modern housing community, you have goals to improve your home. Painting, new heating/air conditioning systems, roofing, plumbing and decorating are only a few home improvements you may be considering. It can be overwhelming. Here are some ideas for organizing your home improvement projects in the long and short term.

Make a Home Improvement Plan

home improvement plan

Buy a thick notebook. If it’s one that has tabs, they can be labeled with your areas of concentration- “Kitchen/Bath”, “Furniture”, “Bedrooms”,”Exterior” or other home areas can have their own tabs. In each section of the notebook, start by making a list of long-term and short term goals. You can prioritize them in number order or simply jot down a list of ideas. Getting your thoughts onto paper will help you organize future projects.

Determine a Home Project Budget

home improvement budget

Whether you have $200,000 in the bank to spend on home improvements or you’re working to save $200 for a smaller home project, it’s great to have an idea of how much money your projects are going to cost. Get estimates from contractors or visit home improvement retailers to determine how much you’ll need for the projects you have planned and make expenditure notes accordingly in your notebook. Choosing a budget can help you prioritize your projects based on how much you will need to spend.

Consult a Home Expert

consult a home expert

General contractors, architects, real estate agents and home inspectors are all available and ready to help you plan your home improvements. They can help you decide your scope of work, budget, and how much your improvements will increase the value of your home. Choosing which projects to undertake first if your home needs a lot of repairs for example can be determined with the aid of a home inspector.

Get Started on Renovations

get started on renovations

One key element to home improvements is staying focused on one project at a time. If you start and complete a smaller project it will give you confidence as you move ahead to other projects. Whether you would like to change the hardware on kitchen cabinets or paint a bathroom, choose a smaller project you can complete yourself. Finish it, then move on. Having multiple projects going at the same time in your home can lead to disorganization and frustration.

Don’t forget to take breaks. Working on home improvements can be draining, so a weekend away can bring much-needed escape from the place that will eventually be just the way you want it. There’s nothing better than making your house into a home through planning and completing home improvement projects.

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